Breathe! A Gateway to Health and Personal Healing

Healthy breathing is key to overall health and wellness. Virtually unconsciously, the average person takes between 18,000 and 20,000 breathes per day, supplying oxygen to the body and eliminating approximately %70 of the body’s toxins. Our breath is a natural healing tool virtually right under our noses. By making our breathing conscious and improving our breath, we increase aware ness of our breathing patterns and can make incredible improvements in our health and well being. We can also employ our breath therapeutically as a tool for stress management, physical and emotional healing, self-development and spiritual growth.

Observe your breathing patterns and the breathing patterns of others. Notice: every change in one’s mental and emotional state is reflected immediately in the breath and in the body. The interaction between the mind and the way we breathe serves to protect us and allow us to manage our lives. However, if an altered or restricted pattern of breathing develops and persists, we eventually create changes in body chemistry, physiology and biology. We split off and repress emotions and ultimately suppress the body’s natural movement and healthy state of being.
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